Friday, March 29, 2013

Factory of Dreams- Some Kind of Poetic Destruction (2013)

  1. Prelude
  2. Strange Sounds
  3. Escaping the Nightmare
  4. Angel Tears
  5. Seashore Dreams
  6. Dark Season
  7. Sound War
  8. Hope Garden
  9. Travelling
  10. The Neutron Star
  11. Join Us into Sound
  12. Playing the Universe
  13. Seashore Dreams (BONUS video version)

Back in 2011 I came across a record that took me by storm and never let up in the wake of Factory of Dream’s “Melotronical”.  It easily became one of my favorite and best of the year so in anticipation for the upcoming album “Some Kind of Poetic Destruction” I was genuinely curious as to whether the duo of Hugo Flores and Jessica Lehto would be able to top the 2011 gem.  And you know what?  They blew it out of the park. Not only is “Some Kind of Poetic Destruction” not only better than the 2011 opus but it also shows how much both these individuals have grown and progressed as musical artists.

The new album is a conceptual journey that centers around a character named Kyra. Throughout the album you follow her both anticipating her journey but the music adds a sonic yet interstellar feel with once again great usage and nicely placed synths and keyboards throughout.  It would seem that the duo of Factory of Dreams are pulling out all the stops and not holding anything back. With some interesting narration bits thrown into the mix to help guide the story it allows the listener to get lost within this other worldly musical dimension.

Songs like “Escaping the Nightmare” encapsulates a retro 70’s sort of vibe with the ultra spacey keyboard arrangements throughout.  Ive noticed also here that there has been some added musical guests that add their own flavor to the musical arrangements and album as a whole.  With such artists such as Lyris Hung on Violin, Shawn Gordon on Keys, and vocalists Magali Luyten and Raquel Shuler as well as some others there is a fine mix of talent flowing throughout this record.  I am still amazed at the absolute guitar mastery of Hugo Flores as he continues to not only showcase his talent as a musician, but that he also embodies the emotion that is needed to create the backdrop for the music he creates here.

Some of my favorite tracks on here are “Angel Tears”, “Hope Garden”, “Join Us into Sound”, “The Neutron Star” and the before mentioned “Escaping the Nightmare”.  The vocal work by Lehto is once again top notch and sounding as beautiful as ever on this record.  Ive heard many records over the years, especially in the progressive genre and some ive always wanted to see done as either a broadway play or even concept home video and “Some Kind of Poetic Destruction” is one I would LOVE to see happen like that. Are you listening Hugo? Lol

For those that follow my blog and my personal love for this band you would not be sorry for picking up this release. It’s a journey that takes you through a wide range of emotions as you simply get lost in the at times tranquil nature of musical bliss. Both have conjured up yet another masterpiece and have expanded on it tenfold.  For those who enjoy the works of Devin Townsend or Ayreon this record is right up your alley. If there is one band that I feel deserves far more attention than they actually receive it would be Factory of Dreams.  The sonic landscape which is created here by Flores and meshed with the angelic voice of Lehto leaves one craving for more after each listen.  

So, load up the starship and come sail away with a record that literally makes time stand still.

Genre: Progressive/Symphonic Gothic Metal
Rating: 10/10

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