Friday, May 18, 2018

Aborted Fetus - The Ancient Spirits Of Decay (2018)

01. The Wind Of Agonizing Spirits (Intro)
02. Eaten By Pigs In The Trough
03. Drenched Eyes In Boiling Oil
04. Nailed To The Cross
05. Beheaded On The Guillotine
06. Cradle Of Revulsion
07. Cold Lake Of The Sinner
08. Flame Of Death
09. Rack Of Torment
10. Roasted Alive In The Copper Bull's Stomach
11. Genital Torture By The Alligator Tongs
12. Iron Petals Of The Blasphemer's Pear
13. Follow Into The Darkness

Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 9/10

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