Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hordes of Chaos (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) 10/29/19

On this episode we talk about the recent gig consisting of Mikhail, Emerge a Tyrant, and The Astral Cadence as well as announce the upcoming Halloween Special podcast.

On the silver screen we talk reboots for Mortal Kombat and The Warriors and give our review of the movie Joker and what it means for the comic book universe.

We also discuss author Keith Hoskins and his new book "Beyond the Portal" and dive into whether or not bands can succeed when losing legendary members.

As always, special thanks to Sky Nielsen promotions for her support.

Testament- Nobody's Fault (Aerosmith Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
The Astral Cadence- Fires Go out, Remain
Mikhail- Gutted from Existence
Emerge a Tyrant- Succubine Atrophy
Paradise Lost- Paradise Lost
Sahg- Black Unicorn
Omnium Gatherum- White Palace
Exhumed- Scream Out in Fright
Deserted Fear- Forging Delusions
World Below- Tyrannicide
Radiant Knife- Wasted Minds
Hawkwind- Spirit of the Age
Steel Panther- Lets Get High Tonight
Motley Crue- Looks that Kill
Rush- Freewill
Hed (PE)- Blackout
October Noir- Black Light
Dysrhythmia- Twin Stalkers
Gatecreeper- From the Ashes
Crucimentum- Through Gates of Morpheus Realms
Necrolord- Slaves to the King
Queiron- Denial Upon the Heavenly Scorn
Carcinoid- Ravenous Being
Ripper- Terror Streets
Toxic Holocaust- New World Beyond