Friday, January 24, 2020

Hordes of Chaos- (feat DJ Anubis & DJ Neko) 2/4/20

In this episode Neko and i give our review of the horror/thriller "Midsommar" as well as tackle the reboots of "The Howling" and "Dune". We also give more rumor and info on the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong coming in November.

Ozzy Osbourne drops a bomb regarding his health and Iron Reagan fires their bassist after some assault allegations come to light. We also talk a bit about the Hole documentary "Hit So Hard" based on some footage of former drummer Patty Schemel about the band's Live Through This tour in 94'.

Special thanks to Atomic Stuff, Grand Sounds Promotion, Inverse Records, and Qabar PR for selected tracks this week. And as always special thanks for Sky Nielsen Promotions for her continued support for the Metal Tavern Radio Podcast.

October Noir- Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)
DJ Anubis- Intro
Aghora- The Marduk Prophecy
Dyscordia- Silent Tears
Haunt- Divide and Conquer
Mystic Prophecy- Victory is Here
Rage- Wings of Rage
All Things Fallen- Introspection
Holocaustic- Lobotomy
Machinations of Fate-  To Fathom the Forbidden Truths
Pat Reilly- Birth of Freedom
Miseria Ultima- Circuit in the Scars
Apocalyptica- Call My Name
Folian- Unwanted
Bullring- My Darkest Shadow
Monster Magnet- Space Lord
Hole- Miss World
Midnight- Fucking Speed and Darkness
Rotten Monarch- The Setting Sun
Culak- Nothing Was Everything
Fjord- Dit De Andlosa Fjordarna Tar Oss
Bleed the Sky- Serpent
Red Cain- Guillotine
Serpentian- Your Daughters of Illness
Unreqvited- Pale
Invictus- Diabolic Intent