Thursday, February 23, 2017

Starbynary - Divina Commedia Inferno (2017)

01. The Dark Forest (Canto I)
02. Gate Of Hell (Canto III)
03. In Limbo (Canto IV)
04. Paolo E Francesca (Canto V)
05. Medusa And The Angel (Canto IX)
06. Seventh Circle (Canto XII-XIII-XIV)
07. Malebolge (Canto XVIII)
08. Soothsayers (Canto XX)
09. Ulysse's Journey (Canto XXVI)
10. The Tower Of Hunger (Canto XXXII-XXXIII)
11. Stars (Canto XXXIV: I Lucifero, II Cosmo, III Finally Ascendant)

Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Rating: 7/10

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