Monday, February 6, 2017

Nox Vorago- Al Chem (2017)

Nox Vorago is a Progressive/Symphonic Death Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Back in 2012 they released "Obsidian Stonemirrors" which was an absolutely fantastic debut. It doesn’t take long to hear the crushing symphony of musical talent the band possesses on their new opus “Al Chem”. Already, I am in love with the record while listening to songs like “Elenu Tiamatu” and “Nuremberg 1561”. When it comes to this brand of metal the Swedes definitely belong in the upper echelon of quality bands and should not go ignored. The Implementation and mix of symphonic elements is masterfully done in every way. The vocal arrangements and execution reminds me a lot of Akerfeldt of Opeth in some ways which is nothing but a good thing.

While at times being compared to bands like Behemoth, these guys take it a step further and expand on that type of death metal sound without becoming cliché or repetitive. The keyboards throughout the album are layered with exquisite atmosphere that mesh perfectly with the musicianship of the rest of the band. The compositions are clear and precise on this record with great guitar work from both Tommy Mattsson and Anders Lundvall.  The mood of the record shifts constantly to moments of uplifting victory to almost bleak and dark atmosphere at times throughout the record almost giving the band a sort of black metal feel at times. It is probably this format which makes Nox Vorago one of the more interesting bands in this genre because of their wide range of scope musically.

Songs like “Daughters of the Sun” have moments where it utilizes an “eastern/asian” influence much like bands like Chthonic. But they don’t overdue or over use those types of elements yet incorporate them nicely throughout this song in particular. The atmosphere they are able to sustain throughout this record is nothing short of amazing. Despite the symphonic elements presented by the band on this record do not fret, the aggressiveness and rage is all there with a great intensity and dynamic to which it allows the band to flourish and flow with new ideas. January 2017 has been an amazing month for me as already a handful of records have scored perfectly and are up for albums of the year and “Al Chem” has joined that group. Furthermore, I still feel even despite how awesome this record is that the band can still push its boundaries even further and have room to grow which is something i really look forward to.

Nox Vorago is very good at stimulating the listeners mind using orchestral techniques that peaks the thought process and keeps the listener engaged thoroughly within the music. Be sure to be on the lookout for this record as it should be a must for any metal fan.

1. Elenu Tiamatu 
2. Nuremberg 1561 
3. Devourer Of Dreams 
4. The Hissing Sound Of Ouroboros 
5. Daughters Of The Sun 
6. The Lotus Scimitar 
7. At The Feet Of Ereshkigal

Genre: Progressive/Symphonic Death Metal
Rating: 10/10

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