Monday, September 1, 2014

Condemn the Infected- Deny Existence (2014)

In the complexity of what is technical death metal there will always be the need for new and fresh ideas and creative riff arrangements. There will always be a need to transcend what has been done before or to at the very least do it better than the next guy. And such is the case with Maryland's Condemn the Infected's debut "Deny Existence". Consisting of members Jeremy (Bass/Vocals), Chris and Jeff (Guitars), and Henry on drums the group pushes their vision to uncharted territory and beyond. Showcasing their barrage of sporadic riffs and chaotic chugging the group shows an evolutionary delivery of fantastic craftsmanship of their trade. 

Condemn the Infected assault the ears with razor sharp guitar licks, earth crushing vocal work, and blistering stabs of bone crushing drumming. Songs like "Ending All Thought", "The Hosting", "Pillars of Creation", and "Deny Existence" show the accelerated collective of the group's technical expertise. The incredible onslaught of finesse and power is heard in full force on this debut record. The level of extremity cannot not be denied or grossly unappreciated here and the absolute diversity of compositions flow rampant throughout this record from start to finish. The enormity and the massiveness of the music is astounding upon listen after listen. 

The band clearly shows their chops and ability to create an annihilating atmosphere of the climatic sound of song writing and musicianship. Condemn the Infected have come to push the barrier of technical death with monstrous vocal work and creative guitar leads and hooks. The band can clearly hold their own and "Deny Existence" shows they are more than qualified for the job. The stylistic direction of the band is easily heard and conveyed to the listener. If you are looking for a record this year that is going to push the envelope and the technical death metal boundaries than look no further than "Deny Existence". To deny yourself this record would be a tragedy within itself. 

You can hear a taste of their music on Metal Tavern Radio on Wed's from 7pm-9pm Est.

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Rating: 10/10

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