Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sewer - Vomiting Into The Mouth Of Satan (2015)

01. Acclamation Of The Goreaxe 
02. Visions From The Eternal Crypt 
03. Absolute Veneration Of Demonic Massacre 
04. Born From Serial Decapitation Of The Infidel 
05. Exaltation Of Divine Agony Inflicted Upon The Devil 
06. Beheaded By The Diabolical Profanators Of 666 Christianity 
07. Exterminate The Feeble Idolaters Of The Antigod Jehovah 
08. Skullcrushing The Sons Of Beelzebub The Satanic Bitch Of Hell 
09. Elegy Of The Forgotten 
10. Wet Dreams Of Holy Genocide 
11. Vomiting Into The Mouth Of Satan

Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3/10

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